Ag News: Farm Bill Delay
Farm bill is be delaying, a draft law renewing farm and nutrition programs is being opposed by Democrats over cuts to the food-stamp program.
Honeybee Numbers Deceptive; Corn Yield and Acreage
**A new report by USDA says while honeybee populations increased slightly from last year, it’s not a true reflection of colony stresses beekeepers are overcoming.
USDA statistician Joshua O’Rear says while honeybee colonies increased three percent in April over last ye…
Trump Calls Out Canadian Dairy; Japan to Try TPP Without U.S.
**President Trump has promised Wisconsin dairy farmers the administration will resolve trade inequities with Canada.
Trump made his first comments condemning Canadian dairy trade policies during a stop in Wisconsin last week.
In a letter to the President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and New York G…

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