USDA says a new agreement with Switzerland will expand market access for organic farmers. As of Thursday, organic products certified in the United States or Switzerland may be sold as organic in either country. USDA claims the arrangement between the two nations will streamline organic trade, strengthen organic agriculture and support jobs and businesses on a global scale. USDA Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden stated “this is another chapter in the success story of organic agriculture.

UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization reports global food prices have slid to a five year low. Bloomberg reports an index of 73 food prices from around the world dropped 0.9 percent last month, the lowest since September 2009. Slipping dairy and sugar prices more than made up for rising grain costs last month. The European Union ended their milk quota system on April 1st, leaving farmers free to boost output. An index of grain prices rose 1.5 percent last month, the first gain in six months and rebounding from the lowest since July 2010.