They're taking a two week break to determine the next move. That from Bruce Smith, Publisher of the Yakima Valley Business Times one of the three proponents who want to see a strong mayor form of government in Yakima.
Smith says he and former Yakima County Commissioner Mike Leita and Former Yakima Mayor Dave Edler will meet soon to discuss whether or not to start a signature gathering campaign to place the change of city charter question on a future ballot.
Smith says he's not surprised at the vote of the Yakima City Council. He says they knew they didn't have the votes before Tuesday's meeting.
The Council Tuesday voted 4-3 against placing a charter change question on the November ballot.
Council members Jason White, Mayor Patricia Byers and Holly Cousens voted in favor while Eliana Macias, Kay Funk, Soneya Lund and Brad Hill voted no.
Smith says if a signature gathering campaign is started it won't be easy and it won't be cheap. Plus he says they'll need upwards of 2,500 signatures to ensure they have enough valid voter signatures to get a question on a future ballot.
There is another option that proponents could take says Smith. He says they could also wait for a time when more elected council members are in favor of the idea of a strong mayor form of government.

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