Now that the Yakima City Council has voted 4-3 in favor of placing a question of a city charter change on the February 2020 ballot those who are backing the proposal will soon begin a major campaign to get voters to fully support the strong mayor form of government. Yakima Business Times Publisher Bruce Smith is leading the campaign along with Yakima County Commissioner Mike Leita and Yakima Pastor Dave Edler. Smith says they're already organizing a plan complete with media ads, yard signs and debates between now and election day February 11 of 2020.
City voters will first be asked whether or not they want to change the city charter to allow a strong mayor form of government. If that's approved then mayoral candidates would then begin campaigns for a strong mayor election in November of 2020. The strong mayor would then be sworn in January of 2021.

There's no indication at this time there will be an organized campaign mounted against the proposal.

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