Last night did you notice how big and beautiful the moon was? I hope you got a chance to outside and bask in it, 98% full is pretty bright so imagine how gorgeous she will be tonight as she rises as not only a full moon but a Super Full Strawberry Moon.

What Is a Strawberry Full Moon?

According to NPR

June's full moon is commonly known as the strawberry moon, a name that comes from the Algonquin Native American tribe in the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada and refers to the region's strawberry harvesting season (not the moon's actual hue).

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Why Is It Also a Super Moon?

Tonight's moon will be the closest the moon gets to the Earth shining 30% brighter and 17% bigger than most full moons says NASA.

What Time Does the Super Full Strawberry Moon Rise in the Pacific Northwest?

Tonight the moon will rise at 10:11 pm and will set at 4:58 am the next morning

How to Celebrate the Super Full Strawberry Moon

Anytime a full moon comes a long it's a great time to reset your intentions and goals. It's a time for new beginnings and quite literally shining light on issues and releasing them during this time is not only a powerful way to start a fresh cycle but important for personal growth.

Write down the struggles you have been having, the unanswered questions and the roadblocks and then my favorite part, light all of it on fire and let go of all that does not serve you, your passions and purpose.

This would be a great time to meditate, charge your crystals and to fill jars with water to charge under the full moon, creating moon water. Set it out after the sunsets and bring it in before the sun rises. You can use your moon water to make tea, coffee, wash your face, pour it in your bubble bath all while speaking positive affirmations to yourself.

Celebrate the Full Moon Locally

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