It's been a busy week for Yakima area firefighters but they've had a lot of help from the State Department of Natural Resources. Horace Ward with the Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management says for the first time this year the department pre-positioned firefighters and other assets at the Naches Middle School just in case fire broke out in the region. And it did. Ward says having those assets so close helped get area fires under control quickly earlier this week. "So we don't have that down time of them getting in vehicles and driving from where ever they're at. They're already here locally and can just start rolling as soon as we need that type of assistance for a type 3 wildland fire."
Ward says they'll be at the middle school through the weekend ready to respond to fires in the valley or the region. Other teams and resources are set up in other parts of the state as well just in case of a big fire.

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