Don't you love finding a good bargain? Some people actually make a living at it.

Yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, maybe you enjoy going to all of them. This is the time of year in the Yakima Valley that we're cleaning out the closets and wanting to make some room, and then right back out there hunting for new treasures.

When is Yakima's HUGE Yard Sale Happening?

Your wait is almost over! Yakima's HUGE YARD SALE is coming to State Fair Park on Saturday, May 21st. Your chance to find bargains galore, or to sell some of your treasures to make some extra cash, is just days away.

How Much is Admission into the Huge Yard Sale?

Admission is just $3 or 2 for $5 and kids 14 and under a FREE!

How Do You Become a Vendor at the Huge Yard Sale?

Clean out your storage units, and clear out your closest and garage, it's easy to set up and sell your stuff at the Huge Yard Sale. Sign up and get all the information HERE.

State Fair Park
State Fair Park

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