Valentine's Day night in China
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We all hear it every year at Christmas, but we married folks need to consider it every day because as a new study reveals, when it comes to marriage, it's better to give than to receive.

Scientists at the University of Rochester studied 175 North American newlyweds.  The couples - married an average of seven months- kept diaries for two weeks, and were asked to record instances where either spouse sacrificed personal desires to meet their partner's needs.

Can see where this is headed?  The results showed husbands and wives reported giving and receiving an average of 0.65 and 0.59 compassionate acts daily. (half an act?)

Husbands reported perceiving more acts than wives. Overall, the results show that givers benefitted -by about 45 percent more- from compassionate acts,  even if the acts were not recognized by their partner.  The researchers say recognition is much less a factor for the donor and that acting compassionately may be its own reward. (UPI)

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