He calls it "Spinning The Spin" and he is spot on! Our consultant/businessman/blogger buddy Tim Bryce of Tampa has a new column out and in which he shines a very bright spot light on the so-called media "watchdog" groups.  It's bad enough when the biased national media misleads its audience passing off commentary as news, but then an equally biased watchdog group doubles down and comments on the commentary and worse!

Here's Tim Bryce: "In addition to analyzing conservative stories, Media Matters helps organize boycotts of conservative news shows, such as the recent push against Sean Hannity. In their May 23, 2017 report, they describe the Fox News talk show host as "a professional propagandist for President Donald Trump, as well as a bigot, a sexist, and a conspiracy theorist."

There are watchdogs on both sides of the aisle but surprise, the left leaning media covers the left leaning watchdogs to a much greater degree.  "The liberal media watch institutions mentioned herein are also an important part of this. It also appears the liberals are being more effective in their use of such facilities than their conservative counterparts.  Surprisingly, the general public has no idea such institutions exist, but they represent an important reason why we no longer trust the news being presented to us."

As usual it's a great read and you should check it out here timbryce.com



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