How's your day going?

Me? Meh, but I AM THRILLED to announce that it's a pretty great day for the Yakima Memorial Foundation and ultimately thousands of kids in the Yakima Valley!

50 Grand Boost For Kid's Health

A big check will do know, turn an average day into fantastic day!  The big check in this case is a fifty thousand dollar whopper thanks to the awesome folks at Solarity Credit Union in Yakima!

Mina Worthington, Solarity Credit Union’s president and CEO:

We are proud to support the incredible work of The Memorial Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network...we are hopeful this donation will help many families in our area, and we are so pleased to help bring a smile to the faces of our brave pediatric patients.

Solarity Does It Again

The ceremonial check represents a generous donation raised in 2021 under the Credit Unions for Kids program, a national credit union initiative that raises funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Solarity Credit Union has been a long-time partner with the Memorial Foundation in children’s health.

Erin Black, CEO of The Memorial Foundation:

We are grateful for the support from Solarity Credit Union and are excited about the impact they are making on over 30,000 kids across Central Washington who receive care

Town Square Media and this radio station have been long time supporters of the Children's Miracle Network *CMN) and the annual CMN Radiothon we produce has raised thousands and thousands of dollars over the years working with the Memorial Foundation to help kids and families from the Yakima Valley.

The Memorial Foundation is an independent nonprofit, organization that supports innovative health care programs as the philanthropic partner of Yakima Valley Memorial. The Memorial Foundation has a 31-year history of connecting community to programs and services with the mission of advancing and transforming health care throughout the Yakima Valley.

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