Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

We often criticize Millennials for their need for safe spaces, intolerance of differing opinions, often calling them super sensitive or hypersensitive, but a new study shows it just might us Baby Boomers who might actually be the hypersensitive ones.  What??

Michigan State University researchers polled people ages 13 to 77 and found while people generally got less narcissistic as they got older, the younger people tended to be lower in hypersensitivity and higher in autonomy compared to older respondents.

So are we talking self-reporting here.  Is this "research" really people talking about themselves?  In that case I want a recount!

The study said that in general, older generational groups tended to be more sensitive. They described their actual level of sensitivity as compared to younger people's self description as not being sensitive.

Yahoo news says another finding: younger generations, including Millennials, actually start off in life with a lower degree of hypersensitivity than their older counterparts.  I enjoy reading about and posting on these kind of surveys but this one -- not so much.

Ok, this study is ticking me off! Maybe that's a sign of my hypersensitivity?  I doubt it.



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