I had a Coronavirus test the other day.  The results aren't back yet.  The reason for the test was two-fold. 1.) General Curiosity about the Process  and 2.) the outside outside outside chance of a possible 3rd hand exposure

I feel fine but I thought ....why not, get the test and then I would be able to speak with greater knowledge  about it.

My recent research found an interesting statistic.  A new study reveals that almost one in five COVID-19 patients might show only gastrointestinal symptoms. These symptoms vary widely, but include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and generalized abdominal pain.

A growing amount of literature shows it is a common, with 18% of patients presenting such symptoms according to a review of academic studies published in the journal Abdominal Radiology.

So Covid-19...some of the infected feel like they have the flue, some have mild symptoms, some have no symptoms, some have post Covid-recovery issues with heart or lungs, some end up in ICU or on a ventilator  and of course thousands and thousands of people have died -most the contributing co-morbidities.  The "rona" is a very sneaky and mercurial adversary with no singular footprint.


Study authors conclude there is a "need for continued scientific data of the virus, helping researchers identify the illness in individuals." 

So, pay attention to your tummy as the fall flu season rolls on. What you might have thought was a bad biscuit or flu, could possibly be something worse!


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