Who do you want in the bathroom or locker room with your child?  Apparently members of the Washington Human Rights Commission don’t care…but I do and so do thousands of Washington State residents.

The State’s so called “Bathroom Rules”, as ridiculous as they are, couldn’t be overturned by an even more cowardly and ridiculous liberal legislature so now it’s up to the people to act on their own behalf.

Here a portion of the information from the Just want Privacy website https://justwantprivacy.org/

“No rule or law should ever force little girls to share their gym showers with grown males.   Unfortunately, in December of 2015, five members of the WA State Human Rights Commission, imposed a statewide rule that does just that. Any man can enter any public girl’s locker room in the entire state and declare his right to be there. If girls complain, they will be asked to leave and subject to penalty. The rule dangerously forces girls to ignore their red flags and boundaries for fear of a lawsuit. Help us repeal this regressive rape culture and restore safety, privacy, and common sense in WA.”

Supporters hope to get Initiative 1552 on the fall ballot and they are in a scramble to get the last of the required signatures gathered up and turned in by July 6th.

Places with petitions in the Yakima Valley include:.

Valley Covenant Community Church—Zillah—call 509-591-5408

Zillah Church of the Nazarene

Sunnyside Cornerstone

Harrah Assembly of God

Toppenish Calvary

Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church-Yakima

Yakima Bible Baptist Church-Yakima

Open Bible Christian Center-Yakima

Westside Baptist Churchi-Yakima

CBY-Christian Broadcasting of Yakima-24th off of Fruitvale

Yakima Republican Party Headquarters

If you want to collect signatures at the Toppenish parade on Saturday or Yakima Fair Grounds Independence Day (4th of July), call Sandi Belzer--509-945-9813

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