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Yakima Valley sure does have some pretty sunsets. We know many of you have some gorgeous photos saved in your phone. Were you waiting for just the right moment to share them with the world? We'd love to see them.

There's something about looking at a sunset that soothes the mind and heals the soul, if only but just for a moment.

We all need a few precious moments to just sit back, take a deep breath an enjoy a delicious sunset, don't you agree?

The weather forecast for the next week is calling for some extremely hot temperatures but the silver lining is that we're likely to be able to capture some exceptionally pretty views of the Valley's skies! Do you have a friend on social media like me who loves to post grand views of the sunsets they've taken pics of in their back yard? My friend Aimee is REALLY great at doing just that. I look forward to seeing her photos. There's even a Facebook group where people go to share their amazing sunsets, have you heard of it? It has over 14,000 people who follow it. Join the Yakima Is Beautiful Facebook group here.

What spots have you found around town that gives the best scenery for capturing a sunset? Do you use a phone camera or do you take out one of those bigger fancier cameras to take your pics? Either way, we'd love to add your photo(s) to our gallery. Bookmark this page and come back often to enjoy those little moments of heaven, pun intended.

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