What's in a name?  Maybe a little money magic?  Checking the list of the names of top earners you won't find Lance, Dave or Jackson. No surprise there, but it IS the traditional names that seem to make the most the most often.

Job search engine Adzuna has determined what you name your new baby might have an impact on their future earnings.

In Great Britian the top five boys names and average earnings were:
1.) Ed ($79,300)
2.) Bill ($73,200)
3.) Geoff ($70,000)
4.) Bob ($68,400)
5.) Mike ($68,400)

Note the disparity between male and female earners. The highest paid females making significantly less than the men.

The five most-valuable girls names were:
1.) Liz ($50,100)
2.) Jo ($50,000)
3.) Michele ($47,000)
4.) Alexis ($47,000)
5.) Jean ($46,000.)

(The Sun)

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