One person's flirtatious note is another's sexual harrassment  and it seems to come down to which sex sent it.  Double standard? Unfair? Reality?  Yes, yes and yes.

A new study from Southwestern University finds there's definitely a double standard when it comes to sexting.

Here's the experiment - researchers asked more than 100 university undergraduates to read a brief story which described either a woman or a man sending a nude pictures to an acquaintance of the opposite sex.

You can see what's coming next.  Subjects described their perceptions of the scenario with the results showing most felt sexts from men were 'sexual harassment,' while most sexts from women were seen as 'flattering.'

Researchers say the study backs up previous research showing that women tend to have more negative attitudes regarding unsolicited sext messages, such as feeling uncomfortable or threatened, whereas men tend to express feelings of flattery.

If men and women are supposedly no different one from another (leftists?) why would this study find this result?

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