A lot of community pride has been piling up by the pandemic over the past two years and now Selah, Washington is fixing to explode!

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Small Town Values

There's something special about small-town community celebrations.  The kids who left town right after high school often come back home to reconnect with their roots and old friends.

The families who helped build and sustain their towns get a moment of deserved recognition,

Children literally vibrate with the excitement of food, friends, fun, carnival rides, and games and they also get a lesson in what community pride is all about.

And in a world that changes faster than most can keep up, community residents retrace well-worn footprints that remind us some things do hold true over time and anchor us to the best of our past.

It's Good To Be Back

I hope you know of such a small town and that you get to share in its local fun and flavor.  Maybe it's a town like Selah, Washington.

After 2 years of hiatus, it's time to once again, enjoy the traditional four-day Selah Community Days celebration at Carlon Park.

The purpose of The Selah Community Days Association (SCDA) is to promote the Community of Selah and its quality of life to our residents and to the residents of neighboring communities. The annual celebration, which takes place on the 3rd weekend in May, provides activities and events intended to create positive interaction among residents, businesses, and various organizations of Selah.

What's The Theme?

The theme for this year's festival starting on May 19th and running through to May 22nd is The Next 100 Years, A child's vision.

The festival encompasses what school kids thought Selah would look like in the next century. Their ideas led to a steampunk future theme, which will be experienced throughout the entire festival.  Selah's largest fireworks show to date is prepped for Saturday, May 21 at 9:45  in tribute to the late Milt Brown, owner of  Alphapyrotechnics.

Check out SelahDays.com for a full list of events.



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