SEATTLE (AP) — The newly appointed U.S. Attorney in Seattle says he will not allow a safe injection site for illicit drugs to open in the city.
The Seattle Times reports Brian Moran says he has told Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to "not go there," or risk a federal lawsuit.
Seattle has been working to open a site where illegal drugs can be used under medical supervision, as a way to address the pressing problem of overdoses brought on by the opioid epidemic.
States and major cities across the country are considering them, but the proposed facilities have provoked resistance.
A spokeswoman for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said it was unfortunate the DOJ would try to block a harm-reduction strategy to the opioid epidemic.
City Attorney Pete Holmes said Moran's position isn't surprising. In a statement Holmes said the Trump Administration's "position continues to be disappointing because these are sites where medical professionals can meaningfully engage with people facing addictions, offering supervision but also treatment. We'll be watching the civil lawsuit in Philadelphia with great interest."
This story has been updated to remove an inaccurate paraphrase that Holmes said Moran's positon will not stop the city from moving to open safe-injection site.

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