Bud Light Announces House Of Whatever For Super Bowl XLIX
Mike Moore

We have it all here in the Northwest including a solid representation of mythical creatures.  We have Bigfoot, the Westside Conservative and even the lovely Mermaid.   Our show prep service reports that Seattle is fast becoming a popular hangout for live mermaids.

There's reportedly growing community of women who dress up in mermaid tails and swim around in area lakes and pools. Some of the women are professionals who have since quit their jobs to pursue “mermaiding” full-time.

32-year-old Caitlin Nielsen has a degree in biology but says she prefers to be known by  Cyanea which is her mermaid name. She says she quit her job two years ago and now makes a living creating handmade silicon tails for fellow mermaids. Custom made is the only kind of mermaid that should be made, right?  Nielsen considers her silicon tail to be an actual part of her body and claims to literally be a real life mermaid.  She also says using her actual human legs makes her feel "clumsy."

Cue the psychologist, schedule the appointment and we are…out! “SPLASH”



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