Yakima County Sheriff Deputy Steve Sutliff joins the KIT team on the air most Thursdays. This week he has something special to talk about: his son Scott Sutliff was recently named Reserve Deputy of the Year.

The award is technically for 2011 and was given to Scott for his service on the Boating Unit and Water Rescue Team. Participating in the reserve program and the special water response teams requires hundreds of volunteered hours to carry out missions and meet all training set by state and county regulations. Scott Sutliff is potentially No. 1 in the amount of donated hours in 2011, the department said. He attended all eleven events scheduled for the year. Sutfliff has been a member of the program since December of 2008 and, according to the sheriff's office, "has always gone above and beyond in every aspect of his duties."

"Deputy Sutliff is an asset to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. He is a role model for other reserves to follow and to learn from. He carries out the duties of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office with pride and honor and deserves the title of Reserve Deputy of the year," the office said.

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