Just in Time, Time Magazine has some scientifically determined guidelines for giving gifts this Christmas!

Let’s bust a couple of myths first. 1.) I like Surprises!  Not really - One study found surprise gifts are usually less appreciated than things people specifically asked for 2.) Gift cards are impersonal and unimaginative – while that may be true, people still love to get them --so they go get the stuff they know they really want!

And remember it’s not the dollar amount of the gift that counts since there's no scientific evidence that shows the higher the present price, the higher the recipient satisfaction. And don’t put lipstick on a pig--researchers from Yale found that you shouldn't dress up a gift you're uncertain about either because dressing it up with bows and fancy wrapping paper can just make things worse!

Best advice for last - To make your gift giver happiest, give gifts that will last for months and years to come, and give gifts that reflect your own interests and hobbies. A series of studies found "givers and receivers report greater feelings of closeness to their gift partner when the gift reflects the giver."  So that means everybody on my list gets a box of TV Magic cards!!  Yea!  (Time)


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