This is going to pour gas on the fire of those roaring sibling rivalries, especially those where the oldest sibling claims the high ground of success on their younger brothers and sisters.    Reports cards only tell half the story.

New research by the  University of Edinburgh economists shows first-borns have higher IQ test scores than their younger siblings as early as age one.

Ouch!  I have often wondered how our family of three – older sister, younger brother, me in the middle, would have turned out had the birth order been different.  Just how different we each would be from how we all are now in terms of temperament, social skills, interests & opinions, etc.

Researchers say the findings could be explained by first-borns receiving more mental stimulation and support in developing thinking skills from their parents during their early years.  The findings, published in the Journal of Human Resources, could help explain the so-called birth order effect when older siblings in a family enjoy better wages and more education in later life.  (Daily Mail)


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