Almost everyone has them.  Embarrassing for some, proudly worn by others. So how do  you  wear your scars?  Repaired sports injuries?  The end marks resulting from judgments first thought to be as funny as they proved dangerous?  Perhaps even life threatening accidental or medical scars?

Well, the next generation of your families battle scars may be hard to find because a new scientific finding may eliminate scars entirely.

University of Pennsylvania researchers say the key is to “manipulate wound healing so that it leads to skin regeneration rather than scarring.”  Why didn’t I think of that! So how?  Science says, “the secret is to regenerate hair follicles first. After that, the fat will regenerate in response to the signals from those follicles.”

So if you do all that the final result will be skin that looks identical to the skin around the wound.  That means you are on own for a pirate look for next Halloween! (Elite Daily)

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