One month and two days til summer as of this post.  And of course Memorial Day weekend is THIS weekend.  Time to get your grill on...and your mask?

Fox news reports on how to have a Coronavirus safe backyard Bar-B-Que.

Michael Showers is an expert in smoking, grilling, and barbecuing. He suggests grilling outside, while your neighbor is also outside, a safe distance away, behind a fence.
Another tip is to assemble friends and invite them to a "virtual potluck" by sharing recipes and stories of how everyone made each dish and collecting the differing opinions on every dish.
Showers also advises avoiding obvious grilling mistakes, including cranking the heat too high, as well as “tapping” the burger patties while they’re still on the grill, and he says to make sure to aggressively season food with salt and pepper when dealing with fire and heat.

So there you are. Have a safe and delicious Bar-B-Que and remember...Dave and Lance love leftovers!


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