I get it. If you truly believe that President Trump stole the election from Hillary by working with the Russians and is now trying to discredit those who merely seek to hold him accountable for his illegal actions, then why would you want the Republican's FISA memo to be released. It's only a distraction from the truth, right?

At the same time, if the republican allegations are true and the FBI and Department of Justice stepped out of their neutral roles and became political activists on behalf of Democrats and used their considerable intelligence resources and influence to use unsubstantiated dossier allegations to secure warrants to spy on the President's people, then you really wouldn't want the Republican's FISA memo to be released, right?

SO where should WE, the American people stand on all this? Where should YOU stand on this?

Look at the people making the case for either side. Whom do you believe?  Maybe you don't know the political players well enough to have an opinion.  If you don't know the difference between the Jim Jordans and the Trey Gowdys from the Nancy Pelosis and the Adam Schiffs, well, that's ok.  There are plenty of allegations from each side about the other on the record and a quick google search can catch you up.

The Democrats say releasing the memo will be dangerous, it will undermine national security, it will haunt the country for years,  So watch for that, see if there is a potential for something that significant in what is released.  If there is, the Republicans have overreached and made a terrible mistake in an effort to protect the President. They will deserve national scorn and mistrust for a long time to come.

On the other hand, if the memo shows intelligence community abuses in pursuit of a FISA warrant in laying the groundwork for domestic spying and an investigation into "alleged" collusion with Russia, that has so far yielded No evidence or proof, as a means to undercut or remove the President, then this is a huge story with serious implications for America and WE the people NEED to know so we can take corrective action.

Watch for that. People are saying the information is shocking and for lovers of liberty, it is heartbreaking.  If that's true, the the Democrats are lying and involved in a cover up and then they deserve the scorn and mistrust.

If the Democrats are wrong, the national media is complicit and just as guilty and you should turn of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC for keeps and stay off the liberal blogs and websites too.

On the other hand, if the Republican have oversold the hype and there is no real case to be made for political abuse by government agencies, kiss FOX News and conservative blogs good-bye.

So how do we know which way to go?  The hype is in on both sides, the defense for each course of action -release or not release the memo - is set.  It is a standoff.

It's like a poker game where both sides are representing that they have the four aces. Only one of them can really hold that hand, so the bets are in and it's time for the showdown  and the President is the pit boss.  It's time to put the cards on the table and let WE the people see for ourselves.

Will we be alarmed that the Republicans are trying to sacrifice our intelligence and security institutions to protect a corrupt President?

Will we be alarmed that the Democrats would try to cover up a major political scandal in support of a failed candidacy and set up a false premise for a never ending investigation -  and how far up the food chain does that corruption go?

Or--will it be a bust, a double bluff and just another over-hyped move from both sides as both sides continue to play swamp games with our time, money and futures?

It does matter and we do need to know, one way or another.  Will the truth set us all free? Staring tomorrow, time might tell.

Stay tuned.


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