When it's time to make a decision on a first impression, how quickly do you make up your mind?    New research out of Princeton University says when it comes to deciding whether a person we just met is attractive and more importantly, trustworthy, it only takes one-tenth of a second!

That is like instantaneous and according to researchers, much of that depends on what people are wearing.   Given the importance of your "look", you may want to review your wardrobe closet!

Corporate stylists say (yup, there is such a thing) some colors are better than others for professionals who want to make the most of that first impression:

  • Red - power color that implies confidence and leadership abilities;
  • Blue - reassuring color that suggests trust that you are a peacemaker;
  • Black - represents authority and sophistication, (pep it up with a splash of color);
  • Brown - signals reliability;

The right colors can make you feel more confident, too. In a test, people who wore white coats like doctors’ uniforms scored better on tests than those who wore casual clothes.  (BBCNews)



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