One minute your baby is 6 and the next minute she's entering 6th grade!  WOW!        Hey time, S-L-O-W   D-O-W-N!  My daughter Kate (the Gator) starts 6th grade this year and I really see the need for safe social contact for her.  She's a great student, (too smart for her own good) but she is also a people person and needs interaction with her peers.

We talked about isolation and depression the other day with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Dr. Marli Pareobek DNP.  Marli's coming back Tuesday (8/19/20) at 8:15 am to answer any questions you may have about dealing with depression.

A new study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, and highlighted in EurekAlert, talks about depression and It turns out there are in the neighborhood of 100  factors that could help people avoid depression.
Massachusetts General Hospital researchers found that social connection is the top factor people can have to avoid depression. We'll repeat for emphasis....Social Connection is the top avoid depression.
Now Gator isn't depressed by any means but I don't want her to get there either so my search for the right school has to include an educational environment that will allow for safe but real interaction.
The study found, “Far and away the most prominent of these factors was a frequency of confiding in others, but also visits with family and friends, all of which highlights the important protective effect of social connection and social cohesion. These factors are more relevant now than ever at a time of social distancing and separation from friends and family.”
On the flip side, factors most associated with high depression risk included time spent watching TV, the tendency of daytime napping, and basically vegging out (not a scientific term).


Depression is nothing to take lightly.  It takes an enormous toll on individuals, families, and society, yet doctors say we still know very little about how to prevent it. The new study looks to provide some answers but we do know engagement and human connection can do the most to help.

For Kate, the probably means a private school with a little more elbow room and the welcome back mat out.

Tune in to 1280 am Newstalk KIT staring at about 8:15 Tuesday 8/18/20 and call in with your questions about depression to 972-5481.  Don't be shy and Dr. Parobek will do her best to help.


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