• Students Attend Washington State University in Pullman To Get A Degree For A Richer Life
  • What Most Don't Realize Is That Pullman, Washington Itself Is The State's Poorest City Of Size
  • Pullman May Be Poor But Its Residents Feel Safer Than Most

It is ironic that students seeking a college degree to earn more money and have a better life, students travel to Washington State University (WSU) in a community where one in three live in poverty.  According to Road Snacks, Pullman is once again the poorest city in Washington.

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Digging Deep Through The Census Data To Compare Facts

So what are the facts from the American Community Survey about the Princess of the Palouse?  For starters, the cost of living in Pullman, pop. 31,972, is 10% above the national average so that has an impact, and the pros at Saturday Night Science: who helped crunch the survey numbers say that in Washington, "home prices and rent have the biggest impact on the cost of living."

  • The median home value in Pullman is $310,800.
  • The median income in Pullman is $31,992.
  • Poverty Rate: 32.4%
  • People In Poverty: 10,352

Still, one out of every three people in Pullman is considered "poor".

Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Photo Courtesy of YouTube
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So what's behind Pullman's poverty problem?  

Road Snacks concludes it's a combination of low pay and a lack of jobs.

More irony. The city is named for George Pullman, inventor of the railroad sleeping car whose personal fortune was nearly 8 million dollars in 1888, which is comparable to around 250 million dollars today.  So the namesake was rich, the town, not so much.

 The List Of The Poorest Places In Washington State

The various tools and tables based on comparative census data used to create the designation of "poor community can be found HERE.  Based on crunching all the numbers, the ten "Poorest Places In Washington" For 2024:

  • 1. Pullman   2. Cheney  3. Centralia   4, Aberdeen  5. Ellensburg 
  • 6. Shelton    7, Clarkston   8. Airway Heights  9. Hoquiam   10. Yakima

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Keep in mind being "poor" doesn't necessarily mean being unhappy or unsafe. A 2023 study revealed Pullman residents feel safe enough to leave their doors unlocked at night.

According to a study by Automate Your Life,

Pullman ranks #51 out of America's top 60 safest cities, earning its score primarily for its lower-than-average crime rates. This makes Pullman safer than 62% of other cities in Washington, and 75% of U.S. cities

Pullman is a college town and aren't college kids supposed to be broke all the time anyway? Mission accomplished.

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