The idea was simple, super and not even original.   People around country rallied their church friends and community members to show up in hospital parking lots with honking horns and flashing lights in an automotive round of applause and thanks for the doctors, nurses and staff on the front lines in hospitals in the fight against the Coronavirus.

After seeing it on Facebook, folks in Yakima answered Brett Granlund's call to visit nursing homes and Virginia Mason Memorial last night (4-7-20) to say prayers and to say thanks. It didn't go unnoticed.

One of KIT's listeners wrote this to us this morning..."The parking prayer that was done ...on Tuesday night did make a difference. At Memorial, many nurses and staff went to the windows on the east side to see the many cars in the east parking lot. It was an awesome sight to see. Just to get a glimpse between caring for patients and going about their work detail, it did have an uplifting effect.....hopefully, there will be more from other churches in the valley."

Great job is a little bit of how it sounded Tuesday night as the "Giant Pink Moon" gloriously shined down from a cloudless sky.

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