While Yakima Police are trying to fight the local crime wave officers on the patrol side are trying to slow down drivers and prevent crashes in the city. Capt. Shawn Boyle says over the last week officers have been working near construction zones and trying to slow drivers down in the West Valley area. Boyle says inattention and failing to obey lights and traffic signs is the biggest problem with Yakima drivers. The emphasis patrols are happening each week in areas where police are seeing a lot of crashes and other traffic problems and this week it's been near city construction zones. The officers are making anywhere from 50 to 100 stops per week. Problem areas?
16th and Fruitvale. Police also see a lot of speeders on West Nob Hill from 48th Avenue to 64th Avenue near the Walmart.
Some drivers are getting warnings other are getting citations. Authorities are also learning of problem areas through the department Facebook page where everyone is welcome to post. People post problem areas and police respond with patrols. It's been happening since the beginning of the year. Capt. Boyle says the city is now in the process of purchasing new moving radar for new patrol cars that are on the way to the city later this year. The new moving radars will allow officers to spot speeders while officers are driving around the city.
Boyle urges everyone to stop for red lights, obey stop signs and slow down if you're driving anywhere in the city of Yakima.

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