Yakima Police have made an arrest in the fatal shooting of a man and the injury of his wife. The two were shot by gang members on June 10 in the 1200 block of Cornell Avenue even though they had nothing to do with gangs and were in the area to look at a home.
Oscar Hondal-Lopez was shot dead, while his wife was wounded.
Thanks to help from people in the neighborhood and security video footage that helped police identify a suspect vehicle and get a license plate. As a result a 19-year-old man is now behind bars. Police say the teen hid the suspect vehicle but police found it and the 19-year-old who's facing a charge of rendering criminal assistance. He was found at a home in the 1700 block of Plath Avenue. The Yakima Police Department SWAT team served an arrest warrant on Thursday at the home.

But the main suspects are still on the loose. However police say say they're confident more arrests will soon be made. Police believe they've identified the shooter or shooters in the case.
The couple shot told police they were looking at homes in the area when they were confronted by gang members who asked them if they were in a local gang. Since they were not in a local gang they became concerned. They then tried to quickly leave the area but the gang members chased them in a vehicle eventually firing shots that killed Oscar Hondal-Lopez and injured his wife. The investigation continues Today.

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