Yakima Police say a fatal shooting last Thursday on Cornell Avenue was gang related. The investigation continues Today. The shooting resulted in one man being killed and a woman being injured.
Officers were called to the 1100 block of Cornell Avenue at about 6:30 p.m. last Thursday. When they arrived they found a man fatally shot in the drivers seat of a black Impala in front of a home. The man was shot in the throat and died at the scene. The man's 26-year-old wife was also injured and is expected to recover at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.
Authorities say they believe the shooting was related to local gangs and officers in the city gang unit have been working through the weekend to find clues that could lead to an arrest.
But they need your help. Authorities say they're looking for a white sedan that they believe was the suspect vehicle. Officers are also hoping residents in the area will share any video they have from security cameras that could help in identifying those wanted by police. If you have any information contact Yakima Police at 509-575-6200.

If you have a security camera in your home the department urges you to get involved in the SafeCam program.
If you have a video security camera at your home you can help people solve crimes in your area. Registration is voluntary and police will not have remote access to your camera. All you have to do is register your camera and answer a few simple questions.
A news release says using the geographic locations of the registered cameras, the Department will be able to ask people to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time of when the incident happened in their area. If helpful video is found you would contact police so they could retrieve the video and maybe solve a crime.
You can find information at yakimapolice.org.


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