Cleaning up litter along the roadways is a huge job.  WSDOT crews, along with Adopt-a-Highway volunteers clear about 600 tons of trash off of more than 18,000 miles of state roadways every year. That's on us.  We, the drivers in the state are doing a terrible job of securing loads, cleaning up after accidents and not littering in the first place. Just look around the perimeter of our city.

Maybe some wisdom (and artwork) from the mouths of babes can help! 

The state is creating new Adopt-a-Highway automobile litter bags adorned with a litter prevention message and new artwork reminding everyone how preventing litter helps keep our state beautiful.
The arwork required is an opportunity for the young artist in your life!

All students (except children of WSDOT employees and contractors) in grades 1-6 are eligible and invited to participate in a contest. Drawings should depict the theme of "Keeping Washington Beautiful/Reducing Roadside Litter."

Submissions will be accepted until 
5 p.m. Friday (May 31). All mailed submissions must be postmarked by May 31.

Winning submissions will be featured on new Adopt-A-Highway automotive litter bags and will also be featured online, including on our Adopt-A-Highway website and our social media channels.
Check here for more details on the submission requirements, ownership and judging.

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