Thousands of people in the Yakima Valley carry phones and many are cracked and not working properly. Have you been dealing with that problem? You know that replacing that phone will cost you 4 to 5 hundred dollars. So what to do? Let the folks at the Phone Shop in Yakima help you reconnect. If you are like me you can’t live without your phone. That’s why it’s great that the Phone Shop has same day service. Phones are so important these days and mine is like gold to me. So if your phone isn't working properly or it's cracked take it to the Phone Shop. You'll also find a bunch of great phone covers and other gadgets for your phone. The Phone Shop also has glass replacement faces in a variety of colors. The cost to fix that cracked face is much cheaper than purchasing a new phone. Call Chris Briskey at the Phone Shop today at 509 833 2544.