Ain't no shame in your bargain game! When payday rolls around why wouldn't you hit up your favorite spot to grab items for $1? I am a FREAK for candles but those babies are expensive. I am also a huge fan of gardening and crafting, again expensive items unless you check out your local spots first!

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The Lesson I've Learned

If you find something at your local $1 spot, grab all that you need instead of waiting and coming back! It most assuredly will not be there when you return. Stores like this don't get multiple orders delivered of the cool stuff. I learned the hard way last October when I found these awesome drinking goblets with skeleton hands, they had orange, black, and purple ones. I grabbed two orange ones and came back a day or so later to find they'd all been purchased and NO other store was carrying them. I went to like three!


I asked the checker this morning if coming a month before a holiday is best, "Yes! Normally we get a shipment of cool stuff for the upcoming holiday/season one month ahead and we won't receive another one so if you see something you like, don't be shy."

What Do You Use All the Time?

Seriously you forget how much money you can save by buying your bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, spices, jars, cookware, candles, toys, spices, and more!

I've decided to hit up different spots around the Yakima Valley to see who has got the best of what. Today's haul was from the Dollar Tree located at 140 S 72nd Ave Ste 100. I spent $33.57, $5 of which was donated for school supplies going to local military children. My favorite finds were the sunflower dishware and the plant-themed candle holders!

P.S All the people searching for bottled water and water jugs they can be found at stores like this too!

Dollar Store Haul

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