**Despite water shortages and continued drought in 2021, California farms and ranches took in $51.1 billion in cash receipts, a 3.6% increase over 2020.

That’s according to newly published 2021 ag production statistics from the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

According to the report, California’s top value commodities for the year were dairy products and milk at $7.5 billion, followed by grapes at $5.2 billion, almonds at just over $5 billion and cattle and calves at $3.1 billion.

**The recently announced Climate-Smart agriculture partnerships funding has drawn criticism.

While welcomed by many in the food and ag sector, environmental group Friends of the Earth says some of the funding recipients are unacceptable.

Friends of the Earth’s Jason Davison says, several of them will funnel tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to some of the most egregious climate offenders like JBS, Cargill, and ADM.

**The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association expressed disappointment over an Executive Order advanced by the White House.

NCBA President Don Schiefelbein says, we are extremely disappointed in this Executive Order that addresses fake meat production under the guise of food security.

He says, supporting cell-cultured, fake meat products is the wrong approach, and the administration should remain focused on supporting America's farmers and ranchers who raise the highest quality beef in the world.

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