Are you ready to be paid to be a Facebook guinea pig?  You may be, once you hear the details.

The Daily Mail reports "that the social media giant is studying the impact of social media on democracy and as a part of its investigation, Facebook will pay users to deactivate accounts head of the 2020 election."

Peace and quiet and no political propaganda?  Sound a little more appealing?  Read on.

The company confirms it will be paying users who complete surveys or deactivate as part of its research. It appears now that a survey is being sent around suggesting the accounts would have to go dark beginning in late September for one to six weeks, and asking users and potential participants if the user would be willing to accept $10 per week, $15 per week, or $20 per week.
The survey also notes that users who opt-in will be asked to take a survey following the U.S. presidential election on November 3rd. Facebook says the research will be conducted by an outside team of experts who are looking into how social media products may impact voting, and expects between 200,00 and 400,000 users will choose to be involved in the study.
Quick math - splitting the difference - $15 a week X 300,000 people X three weeks equals $13.5 million...could be more or less but a significant investment in some interesting research.
Would you be willing to sign off on the facebook politcal disinformation merry-go-round for a few weeks?

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