Yakima Businessman Larry Hull of Megaladon LLC and owner of the iconic Larsen Building has recently purchased the Wilson Building in the heart of downtown at the corner of Yakima Avenue and 3rd Street.  He has some big and exciting plans for the vintage building, many of which would present direct benefits to next door neighbor Capitol Theater.

Hull's design ideas would take advantage of the views and opportunities of the structure being just across the street from Yakima's proposed downtown plaza.  But Hull has been a plaza fan long before he bought the Wilson building and he appeared on the Morning News to remind us all of all the times Yakima said "NO" to projects only to have proponents find a way around the No to get to "Go" and how well such actions have benefited the City.

Voters stand at the crossroad of fear and progress once again but Larry Hull says Yakima deserves the progress the plaza will provide.

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