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Out of the mouths of babes occasionally comes great wisdom.  We often overlook how much our littlest ones take in from the world around them, but take it from science, they see, they observe and they reach accurate conclusions, even at a very early age.

Case in point -- Scientists have found that by the age of three, children can tell who is a bully and who is a leader.

The distinction between exerting influence for the greater good versus personal want is discerned by those who. for the most part, have no influence of their own.  (unless you consider crying at 3 in the morning as  "influence")  Researchers put it this way - babies can tell the difference between respect and 'fear-based power' by 21 months of age.

The Daily Mail reports on pyschologist's attempts to better understand how babies are able to make sense of our world.  Which begs the question- just how deep can the understanding be by some so young?  Researchers say it complex enough for the kiddos to be able to formulate a plan of action based on their infant analysis.

Scientists say  "Infants understand with leaders, you have to obey them even when they are not around. With bullies, though, you have to obey them only when they are around." Out of the mouths of babes indeed.  (DailyMail)


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