**A new survey of 1,200 organic farmers and ranchers across the U.S. cites concerns over accessing labor and controlling weeds as key issues.

According to the report by the Santa Cruz-based Organic

Farming Research Foundation, managing production costs, controlling insect pests and maintaining soil fertility and crop nutrients are also key concerns.

Some 144 organic farmers from California participated in the survey.

**The House of Representatives, last week, sent the Ocean Shipping Reform Act to President Biden for signature.

Ag groups responded positively, heralding the legislation that improves the oversight of ocean shipping.

The bill will address many maritime disruptions obstructing the import and export of U.S. products at American ports over the past few years.

U.S. Meat Export Federation President Dan Halstrom welcomed the passage, saying it takes important steps forward in improving the shipping services for exporters.

**The Federal Government provides 64% of public agricultural research and development funding in the U.S.

New data from the USDA’s Economic Research Service shows state governments and non-governmental sources, including universities, account for the other 36% of funds for public ag R&D.

Most of the federal funding for agricultural research

performed by non-Federal institutions is managed by USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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