Restaurants come and go in Portland. What was once a hot place to eat has now become either permanently closed (looking at you, Castagna) or replaced by the next big thing (looking at you, Kann). There are 3 Portland restaurants that seem to withstand all of the hoopla and remain classic places to have a classy dinner, or breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

Want to be wined and dined in Portland and live the “good life?” Let’s look at some of the most expensive restaurants in Portland and then we’ll tell you which one is the most expensive of them all.



The burgers are $23 and the steaks can get as high as $80 a pop. You can order bison ribeye on the menu here, too. The seafood platter is $110 and feeds four people.


The Rabbit Cacciatore pasta (Tagliolini al Coniglio) is $30; other pasta dishes range from $26 to $32 each. The duck, pork, and steak meals range from $38 to $42 a plate.

Fancy Steak
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The expensive Japanese-Korean fusion meals at this decadent restaurant range from $229 caviar (Imperial Gold), and the Chef’s Choice Nigiri for $75 a plate, to $20 for kimchi fried rice and $18 for a slice of chocolate cake (served with edible 24k gold).

4 . HAN OAK 

This is a “hot pot” menu. Table-side servings are $65 a person for a han oak pot.

“* Please keep in mind with late reservations that spontaneous karaoke may or may not occur.” - Han Oak 


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Enjoy table-side service for $65 a person or get the premium 21-day old aged Wagyu Ancho ribeye for $115. If you prefer to just order an entree, try the $48 Chilean Sea Bass. Brunch is $46 a person or the Seafood Tower for $109 a plate.


The Peruvian food is to die for at this restaurant. The seafood rice (Arroz con Mariscos) is the most expensive entre on the menu ($36) and the most expensive appetizer is the Cebiche 5 Elementos, which is a fish dish served with sweet potato, a twist of lime juice, Peruvian corn and Peruvian chiles ($25).

Fancy Restauraunt
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7 . KANN 

Succulent Haitian food is the house specialty and the cook is none other than Top Chef’s Greg Gourdet. Our sources that have dined at Kann let us know that when they looked at the menu, the smoked rib was $92, glazed duck was $56, chicken was $35, and if you like whole fish, it’s $49. There is an $18 salad with tomatoes, coconut, berries, and cherries and a side stew was $15. The 2 tastiest starters and sides on the menu (in my mouth-watering eyes) looks like it would be the peanut creamed greens (15) and the warm brioche plantain muffins ($10).

8 . Le Pigeon 

You can indulge in a French cuisine 7-course meal for $115, or if that’s too much food for you, try the 5-course for $95. Just want a delectable burger? It’s only $17 and comes with a salad plus blue cheese dressing if you like. Or get some Semolina dumplings for $30.


Looks like Janken wins as the most expensive restaurant in Portland, with that $229 caviar!


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