Nothing says “romance” like a hissing cockroach!  That’s  “hissing”, not kissing and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The Bronx Zoo in New York City, a town known for welcoming more than its fair share of the creepy insects, is again providing a novel way to salute your honey while making some money for conservation.

The zoo encourages visitor's to name one of their Madagascar hissing cockroaches in honor of someone they love.  The name-a-roach program costs $10 per person. (which by the way is about twice the cost of a Black Flag roach motel, just sayin’)

The star crossed lovers who buy in receive a romantic certificate showing the very insect that has been named after their Valentine.   Flowers? Ha! Who needs ‘em.  Feed them to the roach!

And to prove the zoo’s got game, for just a few dollars more, a plush cockroach and some chocolate will be included in the package.   Look,  he or she will either love it as much as they love you –or- you’ll be keeping company with the cockroach!

All money raised is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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