Yakima's gang shootings continue with two reported over the Labor Day weekend at nearly the same time. The first shooting was reported on Monday. Officers were called to the 300 block of West D Street where they found a man injured after being shot with a shotgun. The victim however refused to cooperate with police. He was taken to a Yakima's Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital but he walked out of the facility refusing treatment soon after he arrived.

Then just minutes later another shooting was reported in the 700 block of South 9th Avenue. Officers arrived to find a vehicle hit by gunfire but no injuries. Detectives say they've gathered video from security cameras in the area and will review the footage this week to see if they can make any arrests.

Capt. Jay Seely says “We appreciate the public’s willingness to share their security videos, which often leads to the identification and arrests of those individuals responsible for the shootings."
The investigation into Yakima's ongoing gang crime continues Today with no arrests.

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