Attention Lance Tormey, fan of rap music that you are, there is some new research out there that may confirm some closeted opinions.  That's because New York University researched musical genre and cross referenced that with personality tests to assess their psychopathic traits.

Care to guess what they discovered?

Researchers played 260 different songs for 200 participants and the results showed those who showed the most psychopathic traits were also the biggest fans of rap songs. Coincidence--or not!

The Daily Mail reports that by contrast, those with the fewest psychopathic traits preferred pop songs. In a follow-up study still to come, researchers hope to figure out if psychopaths could simply be identified by their exact musical preferences.

Study leaders say that society is "better served when we don't have psychopaths in positions where they can cause a lot of harm so it's best if we have a tool to identify them - without their cooperation or consent."  Like seeing what's punched up on their radios?  Tormey???    (just kidding…but I mean what else would you say to a psy…shhh…he’s coming … (DailyMail)

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