What happens when modern math and science meet Christmas tradition and fantasy?  Let's find out.  SPANA, is a company that provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries around the world.  (would that include the North Pole?)

Well, The Sun reported on some number crunching performed by the good folks at SPANA and they have some amazing hypothetical conclusions to share.

The premise is that Santa's reindeer only work about 24 hours per year, but they work really, really hard for that period of time.  For example, Dasher, Dancer and the team  magically travel over a distance of 41 million miles to deliver more than one million tons of presents on Christmas Eve.

That's quite a load for what are described as "tiny" reindeer!  Comet, Cupid and the crew will work for 31 hours straight (taking into account time zone changes) to carry gifts to the 735 million children celebrating Christmas around the world.

Calculations reveal the real magic of Christmas because it's been determined that it would take more than 6.76 million non-magical reindeer to pull this huge amount of presents, the sleigh, and the jolly Santa Claus himself. (The Sun)

Ho Ho Holy Cow! And Merry Christmas!!


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