They are in the home stretch!  Sure it's taken a little longer to finish the job given all the recent heat but a lot of progress has been made and now it's time to wrap up construction of a new one-of-a-kind playground for kids at the Yakima greenway.

The Yakima Greenway teamed up with Yakima Rotary, the Rotary Trust and a bunch of great community minded companies are about to finish a fantastic play space for the children of Yakima and they need your help for one more weekend of work..

As i wrote before, we're talking about building an icon to replace an icon! The historic McGuire Playground is nearly 28 years old. Time, weather, and use have taken their toll, but the new community playground will entertain families for generations to come and you can be a part of it!

  It was smoking hot the last time we shared the Greenway and Rotary's request for help and I wish I could report a much cooler forecast for this weekend.  But I can't, so would you help if it was a least a little cooler?  The current 10 day Yakima Valley forecast has the Friday thru Sunday temperatures at  98, 101, 97 so it's still going to be hot but many hands working in shorter shifts make for lighter work, right

From the Greenway facebook -  We need your help the weekend of July 9-11 to complete the new Rotary Playground at the Greenway!

Phase 1 of rebuilding the historic McGuire Playground on the Yakima Greenway is complete. Hundreds of volunteers from our community spent the last week working on the rebuild. We made tremendous progress, and we now need an additional push to get this project across the finish line. Will you pick up a shift to help us complete this playground for the kids and families of the Yakima Valley?
Greenway Director and Rotarian Kellie Connaughton was on the KIT News Morning Show looking for more volunteers!

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