Every now and then, some weird statistic will bubble up to the surface that's fun to talk about but likely means nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Like, well like this one.

University of Oklahoma researchers found that people who are religious, and attend worship more than once a week own an average of 1.4 cats, while people who are atheists have an average for two cats.  That's point-six MORE cats! Hmmm.

The DailyMail reports Study leader Samuel Perry says that in some ways, a pet is a substitute for human interaction, and that cats are very "godlike" and can be a substitute for church for those who are atheists.  Comparatively speaking  "godlike" plays out like this between cats and dogs - feed a dog, they think you are a God, feed a cat and they draw the conclusion they are the gods.

Now I'm not sure I would agree with "godlike" in this context but it does say something about how the researchers see God and religious people.

Researchers say that cats only give affection on their own terms and that results in cat  owners ending up serving the cats which they say makes the pets "very godlike"

Two-thousand cat owners were surveyed but they didn't contact me.  I'm a humble church-goer who has two cats.  Come to think of it,  Harper and Hazel do often act like the devils' furballs!



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