They seem like the kind of guys who'd fit right in around here -- quick, broad smiles, strong handshakes and suntanned faces that would look at home behind the wheel of a John Deere in an open field.

And the Olson boys -- Luke and Isaac of the Olson Brothers Band -- will likely feel at home this week when they come to town to play Yakima's Downtown Summer Nights. The brothers attended Washington State University, so the east side is familiar ground.

Their Olympia-based band is covering a lot of ground lately. Luke and Isaac -- along bassist Milo Mullins, drummer Seth Bowman and Reece Wonio on banjo -- have 40 shows booked for the summer.

One song they're sure to play at all of those shows (including Yakima) is "Sunrise," which they wrote and which helped them win the 2013 Lake Fair Battle of the Bands. The prize earned them a trip to Nashville and the chance to be introduced on the Grand Ole Opry stage. The tune also won the Texaco Country Showdown songwriting contest.

They were game for playing it in the studio during a stopoff in Yakima last week -- here's how it went:

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