MOXEE (AP) — Washington, Oregon and Idaho are on pace to set another record in hop acreage, but reports indicate supply is catching up to demand.

The Capital Press reports USDA's National Agriculture Statistics Service estimates the three states will harvest 54,135 acres (85 sq. miles) this year, 6 percent more than the 2016 crop of 50,857 acres (79 sq. miles).

According to the NASS, Washington accounts for 72 percent of the national average with 38,921 acres (61 sq. miles). Oregon, with 8,045 acres (13 sq. miles), is 15 percent of the acreage, and Idaho, with 7,169 acres (11.2 sq. miles), is 13 percent of the estimate.

Hop Growers of America officials say acreage has caught up with the needs of small, craft breweries and big brewers are losing market share worldwide.

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