My KIT radio co-host Lance Tormey is in to walking for his health. He doesn't smoke, he eats right and walks about 38 miles a week, including at 5:45 am just before our show!

Shouldn't that kind of devotion to good health be rewarded by the company?  He is least likely to use our health insurance and he sets such a good model for the rest of us.

Maybe it's time to review the corporate benefits package to see if it can include non-traditional perks for a healthier lifestyle.  According to the business Insider, it's being done elsewhere...

Japanese marketing firm Pilia gives non-smokers six extra days off, which are theoretically equal to all the 15-minute breaks smokers will take during each year.

  • Netflix offers a full years of paid leave for new parents
  • Content management company FullContact gives workers $7,500 each year that can only be spent on vacations.
  • Reebok gives corporate employees free access to the in-house CrossFit gym and yoga studio.
  • Cloud computing giant Salesforce workers get seven days off to be used toward volunteering.
  • Task organization company Assana provides executive-coaching mentorship and life-coaching to all employees.


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